• James Hook e-Gift Card

  • 100% Cotton short sleeve in 3 different styles.  Color choices available: Wicked Lobstah - White or Gray Get Hooked - Yellow, Light Purple, Black or Turquoise James Hook Classic Logo - Mint Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue and Gray
  • Our Live Lobster Dinner for two. Send a smile and the fresh taste of New England delivered next-day! INCLUDED WITH DINNER: 2 (1.5 LB) Live Maine Lobsters 1 (18 oz) Clam Chowder 9 pack of Stuffed Clams SHIPPING & PACKAGING FEES INCLUDED  
  • (2) 1.5lb. Live Maine Lobsters

    (1) 18oz Clam Chowder

    (1) Pack 16 Mini Crab Cakes

    Only $199 includes shipping & packaging fees!  


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