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About Us

In 1925, our Grandfather, James Hook and his three sons, Edward, James and Alfred, began trucking their daily lobster catch from Maine and Canada down to the fish piers located on Boston’s waterfront. Each day, the lobsters were sold by the Hook Family directly to the owners of Boston’s finest lobster restaurants. As the desire for lobsters increased, restaurants throughout the entire New England area were coming to Boston to purchase the fresh lobsters from the Hook Family, located at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Northern Avenue. From this picturesque location, James Hook & Co. began to provide the direct service and distribution of Boston lobsters to restaurants and wholesale seafood distributors around the country; today we ship over 50,000 pounds of lobster each day online!

James Hook & Co. is still a family business managed by four siblings of the third generation of the Hook Family. Certainly many things have changed since 1925, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment and dedication to bringing quality lobster and seafood products to both the online wholesale and retail markets. The next time you visit Boston’s historic waterfront, we hope you’ll stop by our Boston Lobster Restaurant and retail showroom for a visit and a chance to experience another one of Boston’s treasures…James Hook & Co.

We would also like to take a moment to remember with love, Suzanne Hook. We miss you Suzanne.

Thank you, we appreciate your business!

The Hook Family

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